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Will going away on holiday ever recover from Brexit? Somewhere in the page above you'll find an "CLICK TO ENQUIRE" button or a straightforward email address on which to click. PLEASE NOTE:

Villas and apartments for sale - Villa and apartment rentals in Spain - Villas and apartments to rent in Mallorca Majorca Menorca and Ibiza - Villa and apartment vacation rentals in France - Antibes - the gentle Riviera tourist destination

BE PREPARED! - Travel comfortably: - if you're going to the beach or camping
- or if you fear an airport delay -
pack a lilo in your luggage.

If you have a property to sell or let for holidays in UK, Spain, Balearics Islands, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, America, New Zealand... indeed anywhere in the world email the Webmaster DO NOT SEND .zip ATTACHMENTS. Please DO NOT SEND HTML EMAILS AND ATTACHMENTS: they are blocked through our servers.

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You could do something different and take the children on holiday near an organ rather than a beach. You'll never want to fly on holiday again having read Airline SCams and Scandals

If you are buying a holiday property for sale we choose interesting places! If you're escaping Brexit you might need plastic boxes to move things with . . .